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Why Choose us?

Finding a Medicare  Health Insurance plan can be challenging. Most people find themselves overwhelmed with clever marketing material with one objective - dial an 800 number and be connected to a Sales representative.


As an Independent Agent  I represent you - my client. I work hard reviewing all of the benefit options available to you in your area. We discuss many important considerations that you wont find in a brochure or on a website. My objective is to educate you on the facts so you can make an informed decision. 


We only do Medicare Insurance plans This means that even though I am here to support you all year round, you wont have to worry about receiving other marketing or insurance offers from me throughout the year. That's right, no Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Time share or vacuum cleaner sales...


What does this cost? You are not obligated to enroll through me as your agent, however if you do then I am paid directly from the insurance company. That means my services are always available to you and at no cost to you. That includes customer service all year round.